The Good Yoga School website was founded with the vision of becoming the most comprehensive information website about yoga in the world. It is a site where anyone who wants to learn about yoga can easily find all the information they are looking for. The information is incomplete and not easily accessible although there are many websites on yoga. Also, standard and repetitive information in this regard creates pollution.

We offer depth information on many topics such as yoga techniques, the benefits of yoga, things to consider when doing yoga, things to do. We also publish articles about additional products that you can use while practicing yoga. These contain information obtained as a result of experience personally. We are preparing our content, taking into account what kind of products will be useful for which audience.


We aim to make people happy by adopting the essence of yoga’s purpose and philosophy. Contributing to the formation of a productive, well-communicating, tolerant and helpful audience makes us very happy. If you add what is written on this site to your life in time, we do not doubt that you will be a very successful, peaceful and happy person.

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