Hello, My name is Savaş Ateş and I am a yoga expert. I set up this site to share the things I know about yoga. I want to share my pieces of training, practices, knowledge, mistakes, and experiences with you on this site.

I put yoga on my agenda to reduce daily and work stress like most of us. Then I received pieces of training on this, used various applications, and read some books. I am aware of how deep is the subject of mindfulness and that there is a lot to learn. However, I will continue to learn and I will regularly share with you what I have learned and applied.

In addition to the information on this site, I recommend the training of Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology on the Coursera site to those who have just started this subject.

You will be able to cope with stress more easily with this training and what you learn from this site. You will improve yourself on breathing techniques. You will be able to practice yoga movements. You will learn about yoga and the cardiovascular system. You will be able to access the articles and comments of other experts and doctors. We will have information on how we can strengthen our immune system. We will have detailed information about yoga poses.

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