Can Yoga Make You Stronger: Yoga for Stronger Muscles

A new benefit of yoga is emerging day by day. Did you know that one of them is to fire your training performance? People who work with a strict training program are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. The techniques of yoga, which has increased in popularity in the past 10 years, have also developed in these 10 years. The benefits it has provided have increased. So, how will yoga, which activates different muscle groups, affect your tough training program? Can yoga really make you stronger? I searched for an answer for you.

Yoga strengthens your joints and makes your muscles stronger. On the other hand, your body becomes flexible as it increases your range of motion. In this way, it prevents your risk of injury. Of course, all of this increases your balance and strength. Thanks to yoga, you will be stronger as well as more balanced. Because balance and control are as important as power for MMA fighters, Olympic athletes, and footballers, they definitely include yoga in the training program. Yoga improves your blood circulation in the short term as well as it also benefits in the long term. This allows more oxygen to go into your muscles. It also speeds up the recovery process of your muscles after training. It allows you to focus better when under stress. It also supports you in speeding up your metabolism.

Yoga strengthens your body. Improves your breathing techniques. It strengthens your balance and increases your flexibility. Since all this actually controls your body, it helps to establish the communication between your brain and your body on solid foundations. This method, which was discovered thousands of years ago, is still valid today. Yoga is divided into different branches, from Hatha philosophy, which is based on strengthening, to Bikram, which is focused only on sweating. If your training schedule is already challenging, you need to stick to your routine. You can combine different disciplines under one program by placing the similar movements mentioned above in your order. You can also apply yoga in the name of dynamic stretching after training to stretch the muscles you use.

If your training program is based on different techniques, you probably have met yoga. Navasana and Hindu push-up positions are among the techniques used to strengthen the center and strengthen the posture. On the other hand, plank and side plank are the movements that are based on yoga. Few moves are easy. It also allows you to rework the muscle groups that you neglect to operate. In essence, it is time to say goodbye to your comfortable days. By focusing on your weakest rings, you will work out the muscles you forgot you had.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Yoga on Muscles

Postures called asana in yoga stretch the spine by operating it in various ways, making it soft and healthy. The central nervous system is fed and strengthened with oxygenated blood. Body exercises stretch joints, strengthen and lengthen muscles, stimulate and revitalize internal organs. It releases blocked energy, the body becomes energetic and alive. All body, organs, and muscles are washed with nutrients, oxygenated blood, and bioenergy. Each cell is purified, renewed, and revitalized. Respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, and excretory systems are healthier and work efficiently. The brain functions are regulated, the mind becomes sharp, stress is relieved and fatigue is eliminated. (For detailed information, see Yoga: Asanas – Postures book)

Yoga postures improve blood and lymph circulation and make it better. Upside down postures provide more blood to the brain and lungs. As a result, these organs are washed and purified with oxygenated blood, toxins accumulated in brain cells are removed and brain functions improve. Legs get rid of accumulated dirty blood and rest. Since the effect of gravity is reversed, the heart is free from the task of pumping blood into the brain and relaxes. Since the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, the body relaxes and sleep quality improves. Mood and perspective of life change positively.

Postures that involve twisting movements provide a natural massage to the body, revitalize muscles and internal organs, increase blood circulation, accelerate the transportation of nutrients, and ensure the removal of toxins. Problems with the spine, waist, hips, and groin are eliminated. Toxins are excreted and the body is cleaned. Postures involving forward bending movements exert pressure on the internal organs in the abdominal region, mobilizing and purifying. Digestive and excretory systems are stimulated and start working more efficiently. The back muscles and joints of the body gain flexibility, the kidneys and adrenal glands are relaxed, fatigue is relieved, the urinary system works more efficiently and energy is renewed. The mind becomes calm and awareness increases. The man turns into himself, emotions subside, excitement, and anxiety decrease.

Postures involving backward bending movements widen the lungs, strengthen the heart, increase the amount of air taken into the lungs, and speed up circulation. The spine, the front muscles, and joints of the body flex. The kidneys and adrenal glands are pressed, these organs are stimulated and made healthy. The man turns outward, becomes fit and cheers, and emotions that are hidden inside such as sorrow and grief are released. Certain postures are very useful for cardiovascular health. Yoga postures do not tire the heart like aerobics, pedaling, or running. The heart is harmoniously stimulated, revived, and renewed.

Benefits of Yoga Postures to Your Muscles

Yoga postures reduce the aging and sagging of muscles and organs by reducing the effect of gravity. According to the yoga philosophy: “Flexible spine means young body.” Thanks to the yoga postures, the spine remains flexible, strong, and healthy. Physical balance and coordination develop, body posture improves, and awareness of bodily movements increases. Thanks to the correct and regular application of postures, the muscles flex, strengthen and adapt more easily, the respiratory and circulatory system works more efficiently, the bones are strengthened, insulin sensitivity and excretory function are regulated, the immune system and the ability to positively cope with stress develop, healthy lipid and cholesterol metabolism occurs, existing chronic conditions are eliminated.

Yoga postures are an effective tool for getting in shape and keeping fit. Joints gain flexibility, and long and fat-free muscles develop. Muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion of the joints, and ability to endure increase. The body learns new forms of movement. Certain Yoga postures help men to solve the prostate problem. The prostate and lymph nodes gain health, the lymphatic system improves, the circulation of lymph fluid, and the discharge of waste materials increase. Stiff and tight muscles relax, lengthen, and gain flexibility. Certain postures eliminate the symptoms of premenstrual, premenopausal, and menopausal periods in women. Reproductive organs gain health and discomfort is eliminated. Tension and swelling, back pain, fatigue, cramping and excessive bleeding in the abdominal region are reduced. Fatigue, insomnia, variable mood, hot flashes, irregular distribution of body fat, and irregular menstruation decreases before and during the menopause period.

Asana techniques also correct the physical posture in daily life. The individual becomes more aware of his posture and corrects his posture in his daily life. It achieves a better physical balance and posture. The right bodily posture eliminates and prevents many ailments. Wrong posture habit causes neck, head, and shoulder pain because the natural curve of the neck is impaired. Round shoulders and a collapsed rib cage prevent the lungs from working properly. Insufficient breathing causes depression, malaise, and boredom. The collapsed waist, the pelvic bone lying forward, and the shortened and tense muscles in the lower back cause back pain. The correct bodily posture gained thanks to Asana techniques eliminates all these ailments.

Thanks to the correct bodily posture, all bones in the skeleton are properly aligned from head to feet. When the thigh bones fit properly in the pelvis, the two hips are aligned, a stable tailbone is formed, and the spine takes a proper position. The balance of the coccyx (as it supports the spine) is vital for the health of the spine. Impaired bodily posture causes functional impairment of the coccyx and results in chronic back pain. Thanks to the yoga postures, the coccyx, and the pelvis provide the necessary support to the spine, a balanced spine is formed, the body has the necessary support, and it bends easily in all directions. The bones sit in place, the joints are properly connected to the bones, the muscles work in a balanced way, and the organs do their best because the organs are in the right place.

Fresh Oxygen to the Muscles With Yoga

Yoga postures revitalize, stimulate, strengthen, and improve blood circulation. The organs in the pelvis area are getting stronger, the muscles supporting the genitals, the perineum, and the pelvic floor gain flexibility. These organs and muscles are filled with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Thus, sensual sensitivity, compatibility, and quality of sexual life increase. A correct and balanced physical posture that develops through yoga postures also provides physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Head, neck, back, and lower back pain and therefore concentration and thinking difficulties, irritability, tension, and anger are relieved. According to various scientific studies, the correct and regular application of Yoga postures protects and increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis and bone fracture easily.

Thanks to yoga techniques, chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, substance abuse, depression, migraine, and sinus problems are alleviated and resolved over time. It is very good for cancer. It helps to cope with the stress caused by the disease and the side effects of medical treatment. It also provides extremely useful results in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Breathing techniques called pranayama regulate breathing, eliminate breathing disorders, and control the mind. These techniques renew the body-mind system as a whole and make it energetic. The respiratory system comes to life and strengthens. The nervous system calms down. Oxygen ratio in the blood increases and circulation accelerates. All the cells of the body are purified, nourished, and gain life force.

Pranayama techniques performed correctly and regularly have a wide range of healing effects. By eliminating fatigue, energy flows in the body are strengthened, life energy is balanced, organs are renewed, emotions are calmed and the mind is at peace. (For detailed information, see Yoga: Pranayama – Breath, and Energy Control book). Fast and superficial breathing triggers anxiety and fears. Thanks to the breathing techniques, the breath deepens and slows down, the nervous system relaxes and emotions calm down. The heartbeat is regulated and the working rhythm of the cardiovascular system is adjusted to a healthy rhythm. The heart relaxes and strengthens.

5 Reasons for Bodybuilding Men to Practice Yoga

The way to have an aesthetic and healthy body is through regular exercise. When exercising is mentioned, forcing yourself is almost synonymous with getting results. Therefore, the lighter and slower looking yoga does not go into the radar of men much. It is understandable when you compare yoga with fitness exercises. But it is not the case, it is necessary not to compare yoga with either fitness or any other exercise and to separate it from the exercise routine. Because the benefits of yoga are much more than a body with a good condition… When you combine exercise routine with yoga, both your physique, your soul, and your mind can get the comfort, peace, and integrity you have always been looking for.

  • Your Sex Life Is Improved

If you say my sex life is already super, we have nothing to say to you. We just hope your partner agrees with you. However, you know that premature ejaculation is one of the issues that men do not even talk about it among themselves. But did you know that yoga is the cure for premature ejaculation? Yoga, which is a nation that has thought of thousands of years of sex science like Kama sutra, is both a remedy for premature ejaculation and makes sex more enjoyable.

  • Your Productivity Increases in the Workplace

As a result of research conducted with 85 thousand employees in the USA, it has been noticed that mindfulness practices such as yoga make the employees feel better and prevent problems such as excessive fatigue.

  • You Can Beat Stress

It is possible to assume all the benefits of yoga in the workplace for the stress of daily life. According to a study in the journal Immunology, yoga also helps cope with stress at the cellular level. When regular yoga practitioners are examined, it is seen that yoga activities suppress certain genes that cause inflammation and thus stress in the body.

  • You Can Sleep Better

Sleep disturbance is one of the main problems of overworked men. Also, when symptoms such as snoring and sleep apnea enter, sleep health is affected badly. In a 2013 study, it was observed that participants over 50 who were doing yoga slept significantly better.

  • Your Posture Improves and Your Mobility Increases

Regular exercise is known to make the body upright and provide a better body condition. But especially if you are working out and aiming for muscle development, you know that the cost of flashy shoulders is not being able to move your arm for a while. The leg may be cool enough to tear off the pants of the muscles, but how long they can allow you to walk is more important. Since yoga brings flexibility to the muscles, in the beginning, it allows especially those who train heavily to stretch their body in different directions. Also, when you practice yoga regularly, you realize how easily you can put your body in positions you are not used to.

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