How Yoga Helps to Restore Bioenergy

Pranayama, the 4th limb of Yoga, is often called the breathing technique or breath control, but this is a very limited approach. Of course, breathing techniques are used in Yoga studies, but it is necessary to try to understand the term better. The word “Pranayama” in Sanskrit can simply be understood as the expansion of the field of life energy Prana. Prana is the energy found in all moving and immobile beings. Pranayama techniques are designed to move the life energy beyond its normal limits and direct the individual to higher energy dimensions and awareness of them.

Yoga helps to increase the bioenergy level of the person and keeps it high thanks to Pranayama techniques. Exercise, work-life, sleep, nutrition, sexuality, emotions, and thoughts affect bioenergy, ie Prana flows. Lifestyle inaccuracies, malnutrition, and stress negatively affect this and sometimes cause blockages in certain areas. These irregularities in life energy cause some limbs and organs to lose their vitality and disturb over time. Pranayama techniques balance and increase bioenergy by reversing this situation.

Pranayama studies direct the prana currents in the body and eliminate congestion in the Nadis, helping more efficient prana uptake and flow, and therefore more efficient control of bioenergy. At the same time, the flow of thought is taken under control, and thanks to the calming mind, Prana is an important aid in reaching advanced states of consciousness by flowing freely in the valleys and chakras. Prana manages all life functions. Breath is only one of these functions. In fact, Prana is more subtle energy than breath and oxygen. Breathing is preferred in Pranayama studies, as breathing can be controlled with consciousness, while it is a process that can continue its function while it is unconscious. Apart from this feature, it is observed by yogis that it is in direct relationship with the conscious mind and the subconscious, and experiments on breathing have become an integral part of yoga.

Yoga Helps to Define the Energy Fields in the Body

Scientists now accept the existence of the electromagnetic bioenergy field, which covers the human body and is called the aura. Modern machines can measure aura and even take a photo of it. Moreover, man has an astral, even thinner energetic body. The astral body is three-dimensional or consists of three much finer types or areas of energy.

These energy fields are:

  1. Manas
  2. Buddhi
  3. Ahamkara

These three elements, Manas, Buddhi, and Ahamkara, are the subtle energetic organs of the body that make up the astral body, and each has important functions. These functions are:

  1. Manas performs mental functions
  2. Buddhi performs intelligent functions
  3. Ahamkara performs ego related functions

The individual learns to pull the subtle energetic extensions of the senses away from material objects, such as the turtle squeezing his legs. During the application, the individual discovers, controls, and experiences the three elements of the astral body.

By absorbing his senses, the individual first reaches the level of Manas and develops by controlling mental functions. Then it reaches the level of Buddhi and develops it by controlling intelligent functions. It reaches the Ahamkara level further and develops by controlling ego related functions. During the application, the individual perceives that his physical ego is not temporary and real. Thus, he gets rid of the slavery of the material ego.

After taking the Manas element under control, the individual can reach the subconscious level of the Manas element and get information about their previous lives. Information from previous lives helps the individual to develop. After thoroughly controlling the astral body, the individual can travel astrally by leaving the coarse physical body thanks to Pratyahara techniques. During the application, the individual obtains the information and experiences he/she wants by examining the different dimensions of the universe.

Chakra (energy centers in the body) techniques are also applied in this step of the Original Yoga System. Thanks to these techniques, the energy centers in the body are awakened, activated, and working healthy. The energy currents in the body are getting stronger, the body is made energetic, the working capacity of the brain is increasing, the supernatural abilities are developing and the consciousness is purified. (For detailed information, see Yoga: Chakras – Energy Centers book)

Yoga Helps to Control the Kundalini Energy

Kundalini (the energy of evolution in the body) techniques are also used in the Pratyahara step of the Original Yoga System. Thanks to these techniques, energy centers work more efficiently, brain capacity is increased, energy blockages are resolved, emotions are strengthened, consciousness is raised and the whole organism is renewed. (For detailed information, see Yoga: Kundalini – Mysterious Evolution Energy book) In order to awaken the Kundalini energy, the individual should prepare himself for this procedure by applying the techniques of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, and Pratyahara. After thoroughly controlling the energy flows in the body, the individual awakens the Kundalini energy by directing the specific energy flow to the center of the Muladhara Chakra.

After the Kundalini energy is awakened, the individual raises this energy from Chakra to Chakra via Sushumna. Each Chakra is linked to certain sleeping areas of the brain. When the Kundalini energy reaches any Chakra center, this Chakra starts working at its highest capacity, which awakens certain sleeping areas of the brain. Thus, as the Kundalini rises, the sleeping areas of the brain become active, and the potential powers that are sleeping come into play. When the Kundalini energy awakens, the body undergoes many positive changes. Body cells are filled with energy and rejuvenation begin. The Individual’s voice, body odor, and hormone secretions change positively. The transformation of cells occurs extraordinarily in the body and brain. Human’s physical, mental, and spiritual development is accelerating. Body, mind, and each cell is filled with high-frequency energy. The individual reaches the upper levels of consciousness.

If the Kundalini energy awakens and only if the individual cannot control this energy, this energy is called Kali and causes madness. When the Kundalini energy awakens and the individual takes control of this energy, this energy is called Durga and gives physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Some people promise people that the Kundalini (the energy of evolution in the body) will immediately wake up and that the Chakras (energy centers in the body) will open immediately. These are unrealistic promises. Kundalini and Chakras can be activated only by one’s own efforts, by applying the right techniques and with the help of the experienced Yoga Master. Chakra centers are never completely closed anyway. Closed chakra centers mean death. The energy of the chakra centers can be very low and it may be necessary to revive, balance, and adapt them. If somebody says: “Your chakras are closed”, know that this person does not understand anything from the Chakras !!!

Chakra and Kundalini exercises are carried out in the fifth, Pratyahara step of the Yoga system. These techniques can only be applied after applying the previous four steps. Otherwise, efforts towards this completely collapse the nervous system. People who try to awaken Kundalini energy through fitting methods put themselves and others at great risk and experience psychological problems. In order to awaken and control the Kundalini energy, the techniques in the Original Yoga System should be applied correctly in the presence of the true Master of Yoga.

Sometimes, using fitting methods and very eagerly, one can partially awaken Kundalini energy. This is very dangerous. If Kundalini is awakened and the Svadhisthana Chakra is clogged, then the Kundalini energy will cause great sexual and nervous problems by staying in the center of the Muladhara Chakra and forcing it. This can happen to any other Chakra center at a higher level. If the Kundalini energy has reached any Chakra center, but this Chakra is not working properly, then the Kundalini energy will remain in this Chakra center and keep it under such pressure that the organs associated with this Chakra at the physical level will begin to collapse from tension and their functions will deteriorate.

Worse, Kundalini energy can force the Chakra center to rotate the energy vortex in the opposite direction. This negatively affects the entire energy system. The organs associated with the chakra begin to work in the opposite direction; organs work for death, not for life. If Sushumna Nadi is not working properly, then Kundalini energy can enter the Pingala Nadi or Ida Nadi channel. In this case, all nervous, emotional, and mental balances will be disturbed. One will constantly experience fear, anger, and opposite emotions, and will eventually become insane. For this reason, Chakra and Kundalini should never be dealt with through the fabricated methods learned from amateur people. This has only harm.

What is Bioenergy Science and Its Relationship with Yoga?

The life energy, called Prana, works in the human system. Although the human energy field is invisible, it can be detected through high-precision machines developed recently by scientists. The energy field surrounds the human body. This area has seven energy layers. Energy layers are connected with the physical body. Therefore, the work of these layers affects the nervous system and organs. The connections between the energy layers and the body system are scientifically explained in the Original Yoga System.

Most people see the material world and the physical body as the only reality that exists because they can be perceived through the sense organs and grasped with the mind. But both the people who have developed the ability to see and the machines developed by contemporary science perceive many energy structures, flows, shapes, and colors in and around the physical body. All the functions and abilities of the body are based on a complex energy system. This energy system has three main components:

Energy channels
Energy centers
Energy layers

Energy channels, centers, and layers are in a close relationship. The function of energy channels is to transmit life energy to all parts of the body.

Prana is the life energy that enlivens everything in the universe. Prana is responsible for all movements in the conscious world. The first source of all forms of energy is called Prana. Air and breathing are some of the ways to take Prana into the human body. But Prana is neither oxygen nor air.

Man can live for a while by holding his breath. With the original Yoga System techniques, people can remain breathless for hours. Meanwhile, Prana, which is inherent in the organism, supports life. However, without Prana, one cannot survive even a second. All organs of the body, work thanks to this energy. If the energy channels in the body are blocked, the body loses its vitality and gets sick. When people are sunbathed, they receive energy through the skin, through the tongue when they eat, and through the nose and lungs when they breathe.

Benefits of Bioenergy Techniques in Yoga

When bioenergy techniques are applied, the organism becomes stronger, durable, and energetic, all organs and systems come to life and work more efficiently. While existing diseases have the opportunity to treat, the body’s resistance to diseases increases, the formation of new diseases are prevented, the brain and mind work more efficiently. Awareness and concentration increase, the mind becomes sharper and the power of thought increases. Man is more successful in his daily work, spends less energy, and gets better results. With relations with the outside world, people become more peaceful and happy.

With bioenergy techniques, the whole body is filled with energy and the energy system is balanced. Internal balance increases, joy, and vitality are gained. Thanks to bioenergy techniques, clogged bioenergy channels are opened, the channels start working at full capacity, energy flows in the body are regulated, and the bioenergy area that covers the body is strengthened. In this way, bioenergy revives all the organs by moving freely in the body. When the energy channels are cleaned, the strength and vitality of the body increase.

The stiffness of the body is due to blockage of bioenergy channels and thus toxins formed. When Pranayama, that is, breathing techniques, is applied, the energy channels in the body get rid of blockages, bioenergy is easily circulated in the body and the health of the body is protected by removing toxins from the body. As postures are made only in this case, the body becomes more flexible, postures that seem impossible to do can be made easily, and the movements in postures become more textual and more elegant. This increases the intake and use of Prana. As the Prana flow in the body increases, it is very easy, natural, and pleasant to perform postures.

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