What Yoga Means: The Definition of Yoga

Patanjali, the founder of Yoga, mentioned the importance of the word ‘Sthiram Sukham Asanam.’ This means that if your pose is a solid and comfortable pose for you, it is your ‘asana’. Asana is just the preparation part of Yoga. The basis of Yoga, as we said, is to achieve harmony between mind, body, and soul. This will enable you to find your best and fit. So, what yoga actually means?

In fact, the word origin of yoga is ‘uniting’. What is mentioned in the sense of uniting here is the purpose of uniting the body, mind, and spirit with certain poses, meditation, and breath control. This is a suitable definition for Yoga. The logic of Yoga is not only to practice certain poses through exercise and breath control. It is based on experiencing and controlling the energy flowing in your body. Because of these, yoga is also viewed through the eyes of meditation.

Yoga exercises are exercises that you can practice with just one mat, which do not take much time and will help you with many issues such as flexibility, core strength, breath control, and calmness. It has serious physical and mental benefits. Yoga will help you even when it comes to lowering your blood pressure or increasing your tolerance to pain. The fact that yoga, which has benefits in many respects, has a meditation-like mode of application, increases its contribution to health. In this respect, it is important to choose an area where there is no noise or other distracting factors while practicing yoga exercises.

It is seen in studies that it causes an increase in serotonin and oxytocin levels. It is also known to benefit many psychological disorders such as depression and schizophrenia and sleep problems. Contributing in this way mentally can greatly affect your motivation and your current mood. It can even make you feel happy when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It is inevitable for the person who takes time and does it calmly by providing breath control to benefit from this process. In addition, because breath control is very important for Yoga, it has a positive effect on asthma and many similar diseases. The combination of these types of exercises, which provide flexibility and range of motion, offers a lot of physical benefits to the person. Yoga has a serious contribution to posture health. Yoga will help you if you have physical ailments such as low back pain.

Information About Yoga: What Does It Actually Mean?

Yoga, which is one of the most effective methods of meditation, also has many positive effects. Yoga, which teaches the technique of proper breathing, allows the heart rate to be regulated. This effect is not an effect to be taken lightly, but rather it is very important since it is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attack that causes death. Thanks to relaxations in the nervous system, it provides convenience in overcoming psychological disorders such as panic attacks and depression.

Especially, the yoga performed by pregnant women is effective in terms of learning the right posture, and the mother feels comfortable during and after birth. The first concepts of yoga with all these benefits date back to between 900 and 500 BC. Buddhism has a lot to do with yoga. Meditation related terms were found in the ancient texts of this religion. Yoga performed regularly on certain days will provide serious relief. First of all, it is necessary to start by believing this.

It is one of the easiest methods of meditation, where people rest themselves and their bodies and enable their various senses to open. It had been known for its existence for many years, but it has just begun to spread today. Yoga, which was previously seen as an unnecessary situation, has now managed to become acceptable to large masses. Yoga is a home meditation, but it is best to do it in a center with an expert. Figures with a depiction of meditation postures in various seals in Pakistan have been discovered. Although it has not been concluded yet, it is one of the most controversial findings. The best experience in the field of meditation has been developed by the Shramana traditions and Upanishad tradition.

Yoga benefits people from being spiritually and physically free and rested, and all their senses are opened. Although it teaches how to deal with stress, it also has an effect to reduce stress. It is especially useful in pregnant women to teach correct breathing and correct posture. It aims to be more comfortable during and after birth. It helps to eliminate the stress caused by the fear of birth and to relax the muscles. It should also be noted that it is best to start yoga in a center or you can do it with a specialist at home. After learning, you can start practicing at home.

If you will benefit from videos and images; you must first learn the postures and movements. Bridge movement, forward bending movement, triangle posture, eagle posture are some of the easy yoga movements. Standing without movement and maintaining concentration is one of the most basic movements of meditation. You can find and learn these movements in visual training sets. You should be careful not to strain your body in the first place and you should definitely start yoga with comfortable clothes. Also, you should not forget that yoga should be done in a certain plan; you should not leave the program. Otherwise; you may not see the benefits.

What Yoga Does Not Mean: The Misunderstandings About Yoga

First of all, yoga, which means word unity/wholeness/alchemy/being one, is not a religion. The misfortune of yoga was that when Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism began to sprout, their inspiration from yoga raised the question of whether it was a religion. One of the first reactions I have had about yoga for many years is that it is a religion and whether it is forbidden. Yoga is a philosophy, a discipline rather than being a religion.

Another misinterpretation is whether yoga is a sport; no, yoga is not a sport. But because of the gray and metal false developments like technology, industrialization (the reason we call it a fake; the development is in a single direction) we live with the illusion that we are only our physical bodies, and from the outside, this is just a few moves we do. That is why yoga can be perceived as a sport. However, it consists of way more than physical movements. It is, in fact, more a mental practice.

Yoga is first and foremost the essence and beginning of the philosophy of being (ontology), it is one or more lifetimes in which a person uses his body as a tool to balance his mind and eventually become one with his own essence and the essence of the universe in this world full of suffering and exams. It is a journey. The aim is never to enter religion or lose weight and get fit (a body show as seen by the West on social media today). Yoga, a 5,000-year-old tradition (8,000 in some sources), concerns only the individual and his essence.

What Does the Original Yoga System Mean?

The Original Yoga System is called Maha-Yoga. The word Maha means ‘big’ or ‘highest’. To study the history of yoga, we must take a look at the history of the universe. Some souls come from the spiritual universe to the material universe, wondering about life independent of the Absolute Being. In order to realize their desires in the material universe, souls have to take material bodies. While the embodied soul runs after freedom, it imitates God, changes many bodies, and experiences adventures. After tasting the temporary material happiness and suffering many times, he gets tired of living in the material universe, wakes up one day and begins to miss his true spiritual nature, and tries to fulfill this desire with the desire to return to the spiritual universe. Here, Yoga science and studies are the return tickets that allow the soul to pass from the material universe to the spiritual universe.

Therefore, when the material universe is created, the science of Yoga is given above all to the souls present there. This is the most important science because, thanks to this science, souls can get rid of the material universe and return to the spiritual universe. The material universe is created and destroyed in endless times. When the material universe manifests again, souls that have not been able to return to the spiritual universe again receive material bodies and continue their education. Original Yoga System is available to get rid of these endless cycles.

The planet Earth is renewed on average every 5-6 million years. This renewal took place in the form of floods. Life begins on land again after waters are withdrawn. After all life balances are established on the planet, people descend from the upper planetary system. These people brought their Yoga knowledge along with other information. They spoke in Sanskrit language and the information was called Veda. Thus, humans started the first civilization on the planet Earth. The name of this civilization was the Ari civilization because the word Ari means ‘enlightened man’. Aries are enlightened people, Ari civilization means enlightened people society. The word Ari is not the name of a race or tribe. By applying Yoga techniques, Ari civilization is the ruler of the body, mind, and emotions, and they have been in constant contact with Universal Consciousness without breaking away from nature.

There was no need for books in Ari civilization because Ari’s memory was so strong that they never forgot what they heard once. For this reason, the Aris did not need written information, ie books. Yoga science has passed from Master to the student for millions of years by verbal communication. The continents of the world were connected at that time, and the Ari civilization reigned on the whole planet. For this reason, the words Sanskrit exist in all languages ​​of our planet. When all the ancient civilizations on our planet are examined, it is understood that they all come from a root. There are Yoga postures engraved on some of the remains from different continents.

Therefore, Yoga methods are found in many ancient cultures such as ancient Babylon, China, Egypt, Rome, Scandinavian, Sufism, Hinduism, and American Indians. There are pictures and sculptures of Yoga postures in Norway, Ireland, Colombia, Mexico, Viking, and Celtic cultures. Yoga positions and meditation techniques were used in the culture of North American Indians. Roman emperor Markus Aurelius wrote a book on meditation. Meditation, among other subjects, was also taught at Pythagoras’ school. South African tribes were found to use meditation techniques. It is possible to see meditation works in the monasteries of Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches.

Apart from this, it is seen that Yoga techniques are used in all world religions. Yoga postures, breathing, concentration, and meditation techniques are used in different ways in all religions. So some people say that Yoga is a religion. But the truth is that Yoga has nothing to do with any religion. On the contrary, religions benefit from Yoga techniques. Yoga has neither faith-based dogmas nor worship and rituals for a god. Yoga techniques are based on deep philosophical science, logic, and practical experience.

As time progressed, the continents were separated, people started to speak in different languages ​​by dividing into races, and as Ari civilization collapsed, a large number of people no longer paid attention to Yoga practice. People who have not practiced yoga have lost control of their body, mind, and emotion, broke with nature, and lost contact with Universal Consciousness. For these reasons, people have become aggressive and have negative feelings. Yoga masters have begun to keep their Yoga knowledge confidential and disclosed them only to honest, sincere, positive-minded, and trusted students, as some of them exploit Yoga techniques and the supernatural powers that Yoga gives.

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