Why Does Yoga Work for Everyone?

You are wearing your lush green, light-colored fitness clothes, your feet connected with the earth, and you have entrusted all your electricity to nature. There is a passion for peace and wellbeing, a deep breath and you begin.

You just witnessed a picture of yoga. Do not look at what we call green and nature, yoga is actually an activity you can do anywhere and anytime. The greatest common point in this picture, regardless of location and time, is peace and health. In other words, yoga is not an activity that allows you to find the peace of mind just five minutes before you get depressed or has a fast weight loss technique.

At the basic level and when you start to practice yoga, the first thing you hear is “yoga means union”. And even before that, you have already heard stereotypes about mind, body, spirit. Yoga gives a good feeling. It is a good feeling for both body and mind. But up until recently, it is a fact that still there is no certainty how and why it affects the body in terms of mental and physical. 

Yoga is a curative teaching that helps in all kinds of health or psychological problems. Yoga teaches that there is no need to seek outside causes for happiness and peace. It helps you to refresh your body and provide you a negative thought-free mind. In today’s world, it is more important to practice yoga due to daily routine stress. It makes you stressed to try to keep up the pace of life which is very rapid. Yoga allows you to overcome these daily life challenges and provides you happiness. 

Yoga is a good activity for people who want to experience medication while exercising. Age, gender, and place are not important in terms of practicing yoga. You can do it at home, in the garden, in the park, or in yoga centers without the need to become an athlete. It should be something you really want to do for your physical and mental health. 

Yoga methods cover everything about human beings. When you practice yoga, it means you are practicing your physical, sensorial, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Even more, your self-realization. Yoga understands the relationship between nature and humans beyond time and space. 

Yoga is a deep-rooted philosophy and way of life. Yoga helps living things to complete the individual and spiritual aspects of themselves. It respects the life of every living thing on the earth. The aim is to make individual love and respect themselves. During yoga, you recognize your body, activate your body muscles and those give you energy which is the energy we need in our lives. 

Yoga is a lifestyle you can adapt to your life easily. When you have decided to start to practice yoga, you need to decide what kind of yoga you want to follow, what your expectations are, and what your body needs. It is important to do enough and sufficient research. You can ask people around you, referral and advice could be important for your decision-making process. Because there are plenty of options you can choose. But, as we said. it is important to find proper one for your body. What you really need to start doing yoga is your body, your mind, and some curiosity.

Whether practicing yoga or not, breathing techniques are important for the quality of life. It is essential to learn the right breathing techniques. Practicing yoga is one of the ways you can learn. It is scientifically proved that yoga has essential effects on breathing. Breathing techniques are important regulating muscles, regulating metabolism and blood flow in the body. If you keep them healthy, the risk of a heart attack is being reduced. Apart from physical health, psychological and mental problems are prevented at some levels. Especially during pregnancy, yoga is highly recommended by doctors because it has positive effects on the development of the baby.

Until now, we have mentioned lots of benefits of practicing yoga. Nevertheless, it has still too many features that need to count. Scientific researchers have revealed the effect of yoga for various diseases and relaxing and accelerating the healing process. Other benefits:

  • Increased life energy,
  • Increased stamina,
  • Increased tolerance limit,
  • Increased body flexibility,
  • Increased self-confidence thanks to movements and poses that can be done as you work,
  • Enhancing memory,
  • Strengthen the decision-making ability,
  • Teaching breathing techniques,
  • Increasing the activity of digestive and internal secretory glands

Yoga is a teaching that helps us in all kinds of problems, distress, illness, and health. It teaches us to reach happiness, joy, and peace. It is the most beautiful and the most fun work that prepares us for a completely positive life. It enables us to overcome all the difficulties we experience mentally or physically more easily than people who don’t practice yoga. It provides well-being and ideal health, strengthens the body and mind.

The most important goal of Yoga is to renew the mind to achieve simplicity and peace. This feeling of peace comes from the practices of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing). Yoga reduces stress. Because it triggers proper parts of your body to get the relaxation response. Because, with yoga, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for stress in our bodies. 

In today’s busy and fast world, your mind is constantly working, thinking about what’s going on. Yoga allows you to experience the moment and helps clear your mind. The things that cause stress are usually things that we get stuck with and create a lot of scenarios through. This makes it easy for us to clear our minds while making us waste time.

Relaxation of your muscles, as well as your mind, can support the secretion of endorphin hormone, a natural pain reliever. So doing yoga every day is very beneficial for those with degenerative diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer. This discipline can help soothe pain through control of breathing and muscle movements. This activity also massages the internal organs and supports their functions.

The most important purpose of yoga is to relax, strengthen the body and mind. It is known that the diaphragm breath used in yoga practices reduces intellectual, emotional and physical stress. Slow and effortless breathing in yoga postures brings peace to body cells, relieves facial muscles and relieves tension in sensing organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Thus, all thoughts become stagnant. Your mind is relieved of stress, filled with well-being, peace and tranquility.

Doing yoga every day helps to reduce your cortisol level and blood pressure. So your mind and body calm down. If you have stress problems for work or other reasons, even simple breathing techniques of yoga can calm the mind. When the breathing exercises are included in the poses, the muscles in the body relax and the body stops clinging to stress. Meditating for a while is also useful if there is no time or opportunity to work on yoga.

If you feel yourself unhappy, you may give a chance to practice yoga. It can help in a natural way. When you practice yoga, there is an increased level of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, which is responsible for depression in our brain. Other studies have found an association between low levels of this substance and depression.

When you practice yoga on a daily basis, it promotes endorphin secretion. So after the yoga session, you don’t feel fatigued in the body. On the contrary, you feel full of energy. Yoga has a positive effect on a person’s whole life, relationships, school, and work. Basically, every relation you get in touch with. If there is someone around you practicing you, you can feel the vibe, which is positive, from that person. You can see the general life of that person in terms of well-being, sensuality and ideal health.

Practicing yoga reminds us to be responsible in a way. This realization starts by being responsible for our physical body. Because this is the aim of yoga. When you do meditation while exercising, you become more aware of both your body and mind together. When you do something with your body you feel everything, you think about the part of the body that you are working on it. Eventually, you accept that you create your body with the help of the universe. The realization of being responsible for own choices in thoughts, words and actions is happening.

Yoga can accompany many types of sports and fitness that do not involve stretching or balance exercises. Even professional sports teams are now practicing yoga as part of their training. Yoga helps athletes to become more successful in their branches by increasing their balance, focus and endurance skills. Whether you’re a runner, a tennis player, or a weight lift, yoga can help you get better.

Unlike other forms of exercise that put pressure on muscles and bones, practicing yoga slowly revives the body. It is a kind of healing process. We also learn practical methods of self-comfort. And through the active effort, we advance our practice into one of self-love and self-acceptance.

Yoga can be adapted for almost any individual because it can be adapted to one’s own speed and strength. Many poses are available in different versions from beginner to expert. Regardless of your age, weight, strength or flexibility, there is a proper way to do yoga for you. Even in old age, doesn’t matter, you can start yoga.

There is no typical and standardized yoga class. Yoga movements vary according to your abilities and in how long you have achieved that level. By practicing poses, attending classes properly, with the help of your instructor, you can increase the level of difficulty and change the pose to achieve the best level of your body’s flexibility.

Yoga respects your limits. Most fitness activities require continuous improvement and better. Yoga allows you to exercise according to your own physical strengths and limits. So you do not compete with anyone in the class. Yoga teaches you to respect your body and your limits, it does not require you to push yourself forward all the time. You move at your own pace and you can determine the difficulty of your postures according to your body’s needs.

Yoga helps flexibility. For example, you have difficulties to reach your toes, it means there is more or less no flexibility in your body. By practicing yoga, yoga can gradually increase this flexibility. You can soften stretched muscles. The key is regularity. By practicing you, you are investing in your body. So, it needs to be regularly in order to achieve the wanted result. 

If you turn around in bed all night long, you have another reason to start yoga. According to researches, yoga reduces sleep divisions and sleepless nights caused by insomnia. The participants stated that they get better results from sleep, sleep longer, and disrupt sleep less frequently, after practicing yoga. 

Doing yoga every day is a great way to stay fit. It supports weight control. Breathing and stretching exercises come together, metabolism becomes active and balanced. This is very effective in achieving a healthy weight and learning to control excessive appetite. We cannot say that yoga directly causes you to lose weight, but proper nutrition with yoga teachings also becomes a part of our lives. This nutrition should consist of pure, natural and easily digestible foods to protect both our health and health of the universe. Because now, you are in a more conscious relationship with our body. Your metabolism works more regularly and this nutrition helps to lose weight.

Through postures and control of your breath, yoga teaches you to observe your body and be aware of it from the inside out. As a result, after only a few yoga sessions you become more aware of how your body and mind work. You will learn to be aware of mental processes and to organize your thoughts. This will increase your concentration and your ability to react when you face stressful situations.

Yoga makes as more aware of what is going on around us or directly about us. More importantly, it makes us more self-aware. It starts with paying attention to breathing. Then, it changes our routines, it helps to break our habits and it teaches us how to love, respect, and take care of our bodies. Letting go of the habits allows us to see the possibilities more clearly.

Yoga improves self-confidence. Learning, developing and mastering new poses strengthens your self-confidence, both physically and in the field of learning something new. According to the studies, the confidence in ourselves and our decisions increases as we help to strengthen the body and mind. We should remember that we were more physically and mentally stronger than we thought.

Yoga is a good way to meet new people. All group sports or classes can be a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Yoga can also help create a pleasant environment while remaining healthy. Moreover, it is much healthier than meeting someone in a bar. Making friends with healthy habits will also help you regain your motivation when it is low.

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