A Guide to Purchase Yoga Accessories

If you plan to start yoga, you don’t really need a lot of yoga equipment. However, it will surely be of your benefit to get some accessories to help you practice yoga. The materials required for yoga have similarities with pilates. In this regard, if you have pilates materials, you can use many of them for yoga.

The accessory you will need most when doing yoga is undoubtedly the yoga mat. For a comfortable working environment, it is beneficial to purchase a non-slip, easy-to-carry, durable yoga mat. If you already have a yoga mat in the sports center where you participate in the exercises, a simple yoga towel or blanket can allow you to make the movements more enjoyable.

We also recommend wearing comfortable sportswear for yoga. You should get flexible yoga clothes such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, depending on where you do yoga and ambient temperature. A number of pilates and yoga exercises are made easier with some materials. For example, the yoga roller, which is preferred especially in spine studies, is used to support various parts of the body during yoga postures.

In order to practice some yoga poses and postures correctly, beginner yoga or experienced yogis use yoga blocks to achieve more difficult postures. You can use yoga sponges as head support. You can use a yoga ball for some yoga exercises, as well as yoga rope will help to make some postures properly. Yoga socks or gloves are also among the other auxiliary equipment you may need in order to provide a non-slip state.

Accessories That Yoga Beginners Must Have

You want to change your life. You desire to get to know yourself and discover yourself by coming to your essence. You also decided to feed your soul by living a more peaceful life. So all you have to do to fulfill your wishes is to change your lifestyle and start yoga. Well, do you know which yoga materials you should have in the first place when starting yoga? If you don’t know, you can find the answer to this question in our content. If you have decided to start yoga, you should have the following products.

  • Yoga Mat

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to yoga is undoubtedly the yoga mat. Because it is a dull necessity to do the right yoga. If you are going to start practicing yoga, you should definitely buy one yoga mat. The mat you receive should be of appropriate thickness and should hold well on the ground. In addition, the fabric should be capable of minimizing your chances of falling and slipping.

The mat you get should not be too thin. Because thin mats are not enough to prevent your body from touching the ground. As a result of this situation, your hand, your elbows, and knees can be damaged. When buying a yoga mat, you should pay attention to the product you will buy is at least 4 mm thick. The length of the mat you will buy must be proportional to your height. So if your height is 1.75, you should not buy the same yoga mat with your friend whose height is 1.60. You should choose a longer yoga mat than he bought. You should choose your mat according to the type of yoga you do. For example, if you’re doing Hatha yoga, you shouldn’t care about buying a non-slip yoga mat. Because you don’t need a non-slip surface for Hatha yoga. To use your yoga mat more fondly, you should buy your mat in your favorite color. Spending more time with an item you like visually will motivate you.

It is important to feel that you have a space of your own while doing yoga and to think that you have paused all the obligations in that space for a while. Yoga mats are used primarily for these purposes. However, you can use another ground cloth that you feel good on and that your feet will not slip. If you are moving your mat (or cloth) from one place to another, you need a bag. That is because of the private area that you do yoga on must be clean. You can buy it or sew it yourself.

  • Yoga Bolster (Cylinder Yoga Mat)

Yoga is a lifestyle that people tend to be healthier. But doing wrong movements during yoga can sometimes cause injuries. Depriving the body of the support it needs, especially in yoga positions where the body should be supported, besides leaving permanent damage to the body, it can change your perspective on yoga. For this reason, one of the main yoga materials that people who will start doing yoga should acquire are yoga bolsters that support the body. You can protect your body from possible discomfort by purchasing yoga bolsters that are also called cylinder yoga mats or roller yoga mats.

When buying a yoga bolster, it should be noted that Panama fabric is used and the cover of the bolster is zippered. Because Panama fabric softness is more suitable for human skin than other fabrics, and the zipper of the cushion allows you to wash its cover whenever you want. This is very important for cleaning. Another point to consider when buying a roller yoga mat is that the cushion under the sleeve is soft. Your body may hurt if you buy a hard bolster as your body will be in direct contact with the bolster.

When you sit on the ground, you need to put a support under your hips to stand upright. This makes you feel more comfortable while steeping your posture. You can also provide the necessary height by folding a blanket.

  • Yoga Belt

Although yoga is one of the light sports, some positions can be quite difficult. Especially the positions where you need to reach the feet force the body a lot. In this type of yoga poses, the name of the product that should be used to maintain the healthy structure of the body is the yoga belt, and those who start yoga should acquire these belts in order to perform more efficient yoga. You can use the yoga belt under the feet as well as joining your hands in lacing positions.

Among the yoga materials, the belt plays an important role. It allows you to comfortably settle in the poses you enter to stretch. For example, when you lie on the ground and put your legs up in the air, the belt that you pass under your feet allows you to leave yourself. You don’t need to make any special effort to keep your legs upright, feel the stretch behind them. Any belt, a long piece of fabric also performs the same task. While buying a yoga belt, you can pay attention to the iron buckles on both sides to use this belt easily. Because the buckles will prevent the belt from slipping from your hand and it will allow you to move more comfortably, especially in the poses you pass under your feet.

  • Lavender Eye Pillow

We have stated that yoga is a lifestyle that includes the process of discovering the balance between the inner world and the outer world. Savasana is one of the most favorable poses that allows the person to focus on himself and the outside world in yoga. If you are starting yoga, it will be inevitable to try Savasana pose. The more you focus on yourself while doing Savasana, which is also named as the Dead Posture, which includes lying on your back on the floor and opening arms and legs between you, you can get more efficiency from yoga. The product that will allow you to focus more on yoga during the Savasana pose is the Lavender Eye Pillow. Because this yoga material allows you to concentrate and focus yourself better thanks to the lavender oil it contains. If you are just starting yoga, you should definitely buy a Lavender Eye Pillow.

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. In fact, the first wrinkles of people are generally seen around the eyes. For this reason, the main point you should pay attention to while buying a Lavender Eye Cushion is that the fabric of the pillow is soft enough not to damage your eye area. It is also important that the lavender in the pillow is not too sharp so that it does not cause lacrimation in the eyes.

  • Yoga Zafu

It is possible to say that Yin yoga poses are very challenging for beginners. If the person who started yoga tries to try these poses unconsciously, he or she may be injured. In order not to struggle while doing challenging yin yoga poses, you should get a yoga zafu while starting yoga. Thus, you can protect your body from the possibility of disability by using the yoga zafu as a supporter in yin positions.

When it comes to yoga, the nature of the fabric of each purchased yoga material makes great sense. Because the fabrics that are not compatible with the skin prevent the person from practicing yoga comfortably. Therefore, you should pay attention to the softness of the fabric when purchasing a yoga zafu. It would not be unreasonable to liken yoga zafu to a rather large mat. Another factor you should pay attention to while buying a yoga zafu is how soft the substance inside the mat is. While the zafus filled with a very hard sponge will hurt you; zafus filled with soft sponges will not support your body properly.

  • Yoga Socks

Another yoga material that people who will start yoga should have is yoga socks. Because wearing socks that you wear in your daily life during yoga will increase your chances of slipping on the mat. This situation will bring you undesirable injuries. When starting yoga, you should definitely get a yoga sock to eliminate the possibility of disability that may occur by sliding on the mat.

You should be careful that the fabric of the yoga socks you will buy is cotton. Because yoga socks made of cotton fabric will have the feature to minimize sweating. When choosing yoga socks, you should choose socks with a flexible neck. Because you are less likely to feel comfortable with inelastic socks, and thus the efficiency you get from yoga will decrease. The yoga socks you will get to focus the power on the fingertips better must have cut fingers. If you make your choice especially in this direction, and you can relax in asana yoga positions.

  • Foam and Wooden Blocks

Yoga blocks that we encounter in the form of foam are among the equipment that yoga lovers should have. Foam blocks that allow you to be more comfortable while taking your poses are a savior material especially for postures where you cannot reach the ground. You can improve your postures much more easily, especially thanks to the yoga blocks required for the beginning.

The task of the blocks among the yoga materials is to make you comfortable in the poses. Everyone’s body type is different. Some have long arms, some have longer legs. Some are very flexible, some are not. Foam blocks are used to make some poses more comfortable. For example, when you are standing and bending over your waist, you can punch your hands and lean on these blocks. You don’t have to buy it. A book also functions the same.

  • Yoga Clothes

Another important part of your yoga shopping is your choice of clothes. Tight leggings should be your first priority instead of loose tracksuits. While sports bras will allow you to do your movements much more easily, t-shirts and undershirts who take your body form will be ideal especially when selected from antiperspirant smart technologies. While doing yoga, you can stand with bare feet instead of wearing shoes, or you can choose from Studio Wrap models that Nike designed specifically for yoga. This special design, designed to get more efficiency from barefoot training, adds comfort to your yoga with its breathable mesh.

Yoga clothes are the accessories that have the widest range. Yoga clothes that are sold on the market – yoga pants, yoga tights, yoga t-shirts, yoga socks – are designed in such a way that you can move comfortably while doing yoga. But you don’t have to buy these clothes. Just wear stretchy fabric tights that let you do the movements comfortably and a T-shirt with sweat-absorbing fabric, and it will be fine.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Yoga Mat

The mats we use for yoga, pilates or any exercise we do at home are not just a rectangular shape. Many details such as dimensions, fabrics, thicknesses, areas of use, weights enable the user to get maximum performance from the mat he bought. The mats for yoga, pilates, and fitness can be different. Of course, you can do both Pilates and yoga with any mat within the possibilities you have. However, if you want to get the most out of your exercise, some differences may be required. If you are going to do yoga, your priority is a non-slip mat. Almost all of them are anti-slip. However, it is still useful to try and look. In addition, the material used as a surface should also have a structure that prevents the hands and feet from slipping. Usually, mats made of materials such as rubber and polyurethane do not slip.

Fineness is also important in yoga mats. Because to feel the ground is a feeling we love in yoga. Therefore, I use 3mm thin mats. However, if there are problems with the knees, it is also ideal between 5mm and 8mm. If you are going to do pilates and exercise on the mat, slightly thicker about 10 -15 mm mats are ideal. The reason for pilates mats to be thick is to prevent the spine from hurt in pilates poses, especially on the ground. Thick mats relax by massaging the spine. Again, it is especially important that it is a non-slip mat.

In yoga and pilates mats, the weight due to the material can change. If you are going to use the mat only at home, the heaviness of the mat due to the material of which it is produced will not concern you much. However, if you are the one who carries the mat to the park, garden, travel or studio in summer, make sure that it is light. In fact, if your budget is available to buy two mats, travel mats can also work. But let me remind you that travel mats are thinner than other mats. Do not buy without trying. 3mm thick mats are relatively easy to carry than others. This prevents you from experiencing low back and back pain while carrying the mat.

We can talk about a wide price option in yoga mats. If you have a chance to try it, you may not have to pay that big money. For example, I found yoga mats in almost the same material and feature as Liforme, which is considered one of the best mats in the world. While one is $ 250, the other is around $50. There is a wide price range from $10 to $300, however. You can also make it more convenient by trying the one that suits your needs or by looking at the material.

Let’s compare two mats. One of them would be a 3mm mat, which can be bought from Yogatime to be used when you practice more intensely. It never slips. The other has a more velvety surface and is of the brand of Yoga Design Lab which can be used in practices that will make you feel good with its being velvet when you put my body on it. You don’t want to get up from Savasana on this mat. In addition, the second mat causes less slippage on the wet ground as you will sweat during summer months. Normally it slips because of the velvet surface compared to the other. It can be ideal for intense exercises and summer heat. Especially for those who sweat a lot. Of course, it is also an advantage to be able to wash it in a washing machine.

There are also ecological, completely green yoga mats structurally! Also, many brands sell recycled natural rubber mats as well. Among them, the leading brands are Manduka and Jade. Yoga Design Lab is also an environmentally friendly brand. Yoga mats with natural cork surfaces do not slip and do not keep dirt. If you practice yoga types like Ashtanga and Bikram yoga where excessive sweating is possible, a 100 percent cotton mat may be more ideal for you. So it will absorb the sweat. If your mat is not suitable to be washed in the washing machine, add a small amount of apple cider vinegar and tea tree, thyme or lavender oil to a spray bottle and wipe your mat with a cloth after spraying the mixture.

Necessary Accessories for Yoga at Home

Yoga is a lifestyle that allows a person to live better, to make sense of the universe, to discover balance and to carry himself to a better point physically. Although most people think that yoga is practiced in studios, the number of people practicing yoga in the home environment is also high. I will tell you the factors you need to pay attention to and the yoga materials you should have in order to avoid any disability while doing yoga at home. If you want, let’s first consider what are the necessary materials to practice yoga at home.

The first of the most important concepts for practicing yoga at home will be to choose a video that includes the description of a teacher you trust and the practice of the type of yoga you want to do. Because yoga is a very detailed lifestyle, and you are very likely to have difficulty practicing these lifestyle-related movements without someone’s leadership. Yoga instructors in yoga studios are there to show you the movements, as well as to observe whether you can practice these movements correctly. With the right video selection, you can have a yoga experience as if you had your own teacher at home. Also, if you are going to do yoga at home for the first time, we recommend that the type of yoga you choose should be Hatha yoga.

Yoga is a discipline that enters our lives more and more and develops our body and soul together. If you want to continue the yoga practices you learned with a yoga instructor at home, do you know what materials you should keep at home? You don’t actually need a lot of things to do yoga at home. It is possible to do yoga at home with yoga knowledge and a few small materials. However, it will be useful to know the basic materials required for you.

You have decided to practice yoga to change your life, renew yourself and raise awareness. But you have no time or financial strength to go to a yoga workshop. Therefore, you will do yoga at home. The yoga material that you must have in your journey is the yoga mat. As with many postures or poses in yoga, a yoga mat is also necessary for your hands and feet not to slip on the floor and to control your body comfortably. Also, although soft, carpets can become irritating over time and hurt you. For this reason, you should keep a mat that is comfortable enough for you to be at home with a medium thickness. You can choose your mat made from solutes. You should also periodically clean your mat, which is a personal item such as clothes. It is the first feature that mats do not slip. Being anti-slip is the first feature of the mat you should look at.

The yoga mat, which prevents you from coming into direct contact with the hard floor while doing yoga, reduces your rate of feeling the surface defects. Since the disorders cannot disturb you, you can focus on yoga. Also, since the mats are made of fabrics that minimize slippage, your chances of slipping on the ground will decrease during yoga. In this way, you will be able to do yoga while protecting yourself from disability possibilities. Since you will not have a yoga instructor with you while doing yoga at home, you need to protect yourself more. For this reason, you should never neglect to buy a yoga mat.

The second essential material for a yoga practice at home is clothing made of comfortable, breathable and natural fabrics. Since you will stand in a wide variety of poses, you should choose clothes that will not stand out from your body, cover your hand or face, or prevent you. The most preferred clothes for yoga are flexible and non-sweating, breathable tights. The second material you will use most when doing yoga is the yoga blanket. You should buy more than one blanket. This material is used in some postures to soften the floor or to support your body. You may need to place it under your head, knee or hip. For this reason, you should have at least two yoga blankets at home.

Also, especially for beginners, yoga blocks are among the materials that must be taken home. These blocks are used to support you before moving to exact positions. If you don’t want to buy a yoga block or think you will use it for a short time, you can use the same size boxes for this job. You don’t need a lot of material as seen for yoga at home. The important thing is to reserve a space and time where you can move freely. You may also need a blank wall to get support in some movements. If you store your yoga materials in a closed closet after your workout is over, you will also get rid of unnecessary mess.

What Should Be Considered While Doing Yoga At Home?

Do yoga constantly in the same place. Because when the mind gets used to routines, it can focus itself more on what it does. In other words, if you do not constantly change the area you are practicing yoga, your mind will be able to focus more on doing yoga, as it will internalize the area it will perform yoga. When doing yoga, you should not be tied to a single video for a long time. Instead of watching videos with the expressions of various different teachers, try more poses; you should purify your body in different ways. Yoga is a purification, enlightenment, a journey of discovery. Take this journey alone. So while you are doing yoga, make sure that the house is empty. So you can listen better.

Listening to yourself better means that your yoga experience will be more successful. Make sure that the floor where you do yoga is parquet. Because the balanced surface formed when you lay your mat on the parquet floor will make yoga more enjoyable. As your body is in motion, it is very possible for you to thirst and sweat while doing yoga. You can easily meet these needs by taking your towel and water with you. Since you will not need to get up from your mat, you can immediately return to yoga. Try to make yoga a continuity. Because if you constantly practice yoga, you may feel more purified and discovered.

Best Types of Incense for Yoga

The reason why the incense takes place in temples or religious rites is that its smell leaves a sacred effect. During meditation, incense helps you go to the calmest part of the mind. The type of incense to be selected during yoga varies depending on the taste of the person. But often sandalwood and frankincense are preferred. There are other popular incenses for meditation for those who want to choose from different scents (flowers, herbs, etc.). They are:

  1. Jasmine
  2. Lemon
  3. Copal
  4. Lavender
  5. Patchouli incense.

  • Sandalwood Incense and Yoga

It is the most preferred incense for Buddhists for hundreds of years. It is preferred in religious rites because of its soothing effect, grounding and positive feelings during meditation. Sandalwood incense provides the appropriate fragrance and feels for the immediate deepening of meditation.

  • Frankincense Incense and Yoga

Frankincense incense reduces anxiety and awakens feelings of calmness and peace. There are chemicals that affect the part of the brain responsible for emotions, called phytochemicals. Frankincense incense contains these chemicals. Thus, it helps to meditate deeper. This feature makes it one of the most suitable incense for meditation. Frankincense is also often preferred in churches.

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