Yoga In Outdoors

Nature is where we come and shape ourselves. Thus, it is the perfect place to increase our awareness of both our inner selves and outside. A new trend, yoga in the park, is the best way to accomplish this practice. 

One of the wonderful aspects of yoga is that you can practice anywhere. Practicing yoga in-studio and practicing yoga in nature enhances your practice from different perspectives. In multiple ways, outdoors can enhance your practice.

In addition to all benefits of yoga, you can enhance this practice more by uniting it with nature. Even simply being outdoors, and connecting with nature have various positive effects on us. Thus, uniting nature with yoga can result in so many benefits for you. All you have to do is go to a park with your yoga mat and you can start practicing.

Multiple groups practice yoga outdoors with set time and dates. Being a part of this community can increase your practice as you will find yourself in a group where all are trying to gain what you are looking for. You can reach out to clarity in your mind and enhance your awareness with many others like you.

In various ways, combining fresh air with yoga can enhance your yoga practice:

1. Your time in nature can replenish depleted energy

Time to time, we all find ourselves depleted and lost. To re-gain the energy that keeps us going in the best way possible, being outdoors and physical practices are the best and well-known choices. Despite waiting for your energy to come back to you, you should go outdoors and do yoga.

Our body is not only a machine that operates without getting affected by anything. One of the main effects on our health is stress. Stress is one of the biggest problems that we all encounter nowadays. Even during the simplest tasks, we have to face the stress that is caused by many problems we encounter in our daily life. Our complicated and stressful life can find a way to release to better by being outdoors and yoga.

Stress and our daily depressions can easily empty our energy and our will to be happy. What you need to do is fight back and replenish your depleted energy because of all the problems we have to encounter. The most efficient way is to be a part of nature with yoga.

2. Nature can increase your awareness:

We fail to focus on only one thing because there is always something pinching our mind and distracting us. It is important to fight back against the stress that is affecting us deeply. Nature is where we came from and where we can find ourselves. Thus it is important to spend time in nature and practicing yoga is a great way to enhance your time in nature.

Imagine this, you are in a park where trees are everywhere, you can hear the birds singing, and see people smiling. Isn’t it a perfect way to become a part of this harmony with your physical movements. There are multiple yoga types and postures and what is better to diversify this practice other than the beauties of nature.

3. Fresh air will replenish you:

Nowadays, most of us are living in big cities where the air is polluted. The developing industry has detrimental effects on the air we breathe. We are taking toxins to our lungs while we breathe, the main activity to continue our lives. Decreased availability of the fresh air has side effects on both our physical and psychological health.

Not only the polluted air that we are taking in when we are outside, but we are also spending most of our time in offices where we are entrapped and cannot reach to fresh air. We have to be kind to our bodies and take what it needs, thus it is important to have fresh air.

Not only the polluted air that we are taking in when we are outside, but we are also spending most of our time in offices where we are entrapped and cannot reach to fresh air. We have to be kind to our bodies and take what it needs. Therefore, it is important to have fresh air.

We have to listen to our bodies and live in harmony according to its needs. For our physical and psychological health, we have to be kind to our needs. So, yoga outdoors is a great way to give our body what it needs.

4. Practicing Yoga in Outdoors Can Build Confidence:

When you practice outdoors for the first time, it can make you feel weird and it is perfectly normal to feel this way. Being self-conscious is easier when there is only you in a set environment. However, when you try to do the same in an environment that you are not familiar is very hard. It only takes some time to get used to it and enjoy your practice even more.

A familiar environment where you know everything is set gives you a feeling of security. However, we cannot spend our lives in this safe zone. Ultimately we have to step out. Yoga outdoors is a great way to experience this feeling and build the courage we need for further.

It is easy to practice yoga poses when no one is looking at you but in a short time you will learn to concentrate on yourself and ignore others. Thus it is a great way to be only yourself and concentrate on it.

5. You will get inspiration:

Nature is full of all forms of beauties, where each element of it works in harmony. This harmony is the best possible way to experience the nature itself. Each element in nature has its roles and effects on each other. As trees give oxygen, the wind makes trees sing to us.

Yoga is a practice that is formed by nature and its elements. Practicing yoga poses while observing what they are symbolizing is a great way to understand what they mean how they are inspired. Becoming a part o this inspiration process is the best way to experience yoga practice as it is made to be.

Being a part of the harmony of nature can be an inspiration source in many aspects of our lives. Experiencing nature with becoming a part of it will open our mind to various possibilities. Our minds will be satisfied with the inspiration that will fill our heads to produce and experience new possibilities.

6. Nature Can Enhance Your Meditation:

Meditation is a necessary practice to decrease your stress and deal with the problems we encounter. Moreover, it is the greatest practice to look deeper into your inner self and increase your self-awareness. Yoga is a practice where the physical practice is with meditation.

Being part of nature where we belong, will give us relief and clarity to focus on ourselves and the environment in a clearer manner. What is better than nature itself to find ourselves? We need to take time for ourselves on being part of where we belong. We have thoughts and instincts which need time to be understood. We need to give ourselves the time we need to gain clarity.

Nature will help you to increase your focus on your purpose, gain mental clarity and awareness. Thus practicing yoga outdoors will boost your meditation and enhance your mindfulness and awareness on both yourself and the environment.

Even though we spend most of our time separated from nature, it is the only place where we can be free. We need nature and its elements to understand ourselves. Do you prefer the rumble of car engines or the sound of birds and the wind? As the reply is clear, we will always need the sound of nature in our heads.

7. You will understand the dynamics of nature:

As you spend more time in nature, you will understand its dynamics better and see the difference that we create and nature itself. You will find yourself more of a part of nature than the world we create with our selfish needs. It is important to understand and analyze what nature needs. In time you will find yourself with increased awareness about nature. Nature will not be only a tool but the place where we belong. More time you will spend in nature you will gain higher respect to it and understand the importance to protect it.

With our selfish needs, we harm nature and decrease the areas where we can feel like home. As you will understand what is living in harmony, you will have a sense of nature and understand its needs. Increased awareness that we can gain with the help of nature will protect you and nature itself.

8. There’s no competition for floor space:

Practicing yoga in a studio can have its challenges like finding a space for your yoga mat. If the studio is used by more people than its capacity, it can be hard to maintain your own space and practice properly. Thus, it can be hard to focus under these conditions. However, outdoors, all the space you need is available without any distractions.

Also, even in the studio, it is harder to take fresh air. After some time in your practice, you will require the fresh air because the air will be circulating with all the other people you are sharing with. Thus, perfect air conditioning is needed. However, even the best mechanism cannot take the place of fresh air.

Trekking Yoga

If you are ready to embrace nature you should take your yoga practice outdoors. Funded by Paolo Ricci in Italy in 2001 is a reformer way of finding yourself by taking time for yourself and meditate, focus on your breathing, and your inner self. This type of yoga, also known as moving meditation, is a way of exploring yourself and the process of this spiritual ascent is bounded with the ascent of a mountain. As you walk calmly in relief, your mind will break its boundaries and leave behind all the heaviness on your mind. With breathing techniques (pranayama) combined with walking in the calming nature, you will find yourself in relaxation from this type of meditation.

Being united with nature will enhance your practice in multiple layers. The slow breeze will accompany our breath and it will produce harmony with our physical movements. The sun will help us deepen the yoga poses and increase our awareness of our bodies. It is a wonderful way to deepen the practice by uniting with the wonderful elements of nature.

Yoga for rock climbers

Another revolutionary advancement that is produced by numerous climbers is that the climbing will make you experience the practice of vertical yoga poses. Your climbing experience will be also enhanced thanks to the strength and flexibility that you cultivated with the time you spend on your mat. However, the main crossover within both disciplines it the mental focus. As you find your mental clarity and focus with yoga on your mat, you experience the same mental focus in climbing. This feeling will from a sense of ownership on your own body that we tend to forget because of the problems of daily life. By this, you will understand how your body and mind can be united and reach its limits.

Do you need your mat or not?

It is highly dependent on the floor and your preferences. If the floor is a warm smooth surface probably you will not need a mat whereas if the floor is crunchy you may require a yoga mat. In a proper terrain, using the natural surface but not the mat can increase the feeling of uniting with nature. Thus it can enhance your experience.

The uneven surfaces as sand or grass can intensify the yoga postures. So, it can have some physical benefits. Uneven surfaces can help us build secondary muscles of feet, hips, spine, and shoulders. For the start using mat can give you the feeling of security but after some time you may want to leave your comfort zone and your mat.

Savaş Ateş

I like meditation and yoga. I read a lot of books about them. I applied them in my daily life. I want to write about my experiences.

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