Yoga Knee Pads/ Support/ Mats (Bonus: Amazon Products)

Yoga practice is a great way to do both meditation and exercise, which you can use to align your mind, body, and soul. However, sometimes your body may not allow this and the situation may be difficult for you. Some parts of your body may refuse to cooperate with your brain. While your brain forces you to practice yoga, your body can force you to leave practicing yoga.

Yoga never causes injury. But it can cause joint pain. You may have joint pain when you try to force some parts of your body into unknown poses. Pain can also occur frequently if you are trying to put too much pressure on certain joints and ligaments. Prevent knee pain when doing yoga by stretching well before starting and taking your time from pose to pose.

Practicing yoga is an activity that can affect you and be good for you all your life. It is something you may want to do throughout your life. However, sometimes there may be precautions you should take for this. For example, your knees need a lot of love and care.

Hyperextension is no good on the knees. It is really easy to hyperextend the knee in standing poses. If you realize you are doing hyperextension, simply remind yourself to activate your quads. When your related body parts are strong enough, your knee is protected. Quadriceps and hamstrings are primary caregivers of knees so they need extra care. You need to keep them flexible and strengthened because thanks to them, your knees stay as it supposed to be.

For optimal knee alignment, you shouldn’t prefer tight calves. So you will want to give your calf muscles a lot of love on a daily basis. You need to keep your knees relaxed. Give them a regular massage and stretching exercises. Prevention is always better than rehabilitation. You need t to be conscious enough to prevent yourselves knee from injuries.

As you can understand from what we have mentioned above, protecting your knees is very important during practicing yoga. Yoga knee pads are your best friends during yoga. They are very essential for your knees. You can think of putting something else instead of knee pads, for example, a blanket, but you have to know that it is convenient enough. Yoga knee pads are just what you are looking for and what you need.

When it comes to buying accessories for your yoga practice, it needs a little bit of research, it needs a little bit of attention and it needs a little bit of importance. Because, in the end, it is your body, you have to take care of it and there are so many products available. You need to be selective. When buying yoga knee pads there are different factors that need to be considered, such as its thickness, comfort and traction, materials, design, and additional features.


Your knee pads have to provide your knees with sufficient thickness. It has to provide comfort and protect your knees at the same time. Because you are going to do different poses and sometimes they are challenging that needs support. While extremely thin materials will result in knee pain,  extremely thick ones will not let you feel the floor. So, you need to find the proper thickness.

5 mm thickness would be satisfied with your need. It is an advisable thickness generally. It helps you to stay strong, balance, and align. As an another advantage, this thickness provides easy storage. You can easily carry in your bag and put it in your closet.

Comfort and Traction

Your knee pads should prevent you from sliding and slipping. It is the most important issue you need to take into consideration when you purchase one. Because you shouldn’t slide or slip while performing certain poses. Depends on your preference, there are from smooth to textured designs. Besides those, there is another option which is a sticky texture. If your knee pad is stick enough, it prevents you from getting harm by griping the concrete surface. It helps you to maintain balance, stability, and mobility. When you need couple of seconds of relaxation before changing pose, it is important to provide comfort.

Choosing the right texture of the knee pad is very important. It affects the comfort it brings when being used during yoga sessions. Some type of texture will help in preventing from slipping and sliding no matter how sweaty an individual becomes during the yoga routine.

Comfort is definitely one of the most important aspects in order to consider when finding the best knee pads. It must be considered, for one to able to relax and be comfortable when performing and holding yoga poses. It will protect the knees from rocks and pebbles from poking the knees.

Materials Used

People who are practicing yoga usually prefer eco-friendly materials used in their yoga accessories. Cotton, recycled rubber, and jute are some of the best options available that you can find. It must have the durability to withstand frequent use.

Knee pads must be easy to clean. It should be something you can wash in washing machines. You shouldn’t worry about getting damaged in torn into pieces. In addition the east to clean feature, the fabrics should be able to absorb moisture and sweat. It must be breathable in order to help an individual stay dry, comfortable, and cool enough. The materials must not be itchy or irritating and allergen. The knee pads must be smooth and soft so it will not cause problems when in direct contact with the skin.

There are knee pads you can find that are made with memory foam. Apart from its comfort, it provides you a stylish design. On the other hand, knee pads that are made from gel substance give it shock-absorbing properties and provide comfort and prolonged support as well.


Like every accessory in our lives, the size and design of yoga knee pads must be carefully considered when you are looking to purchase new knee pads. It must be large enough to allow the knees to move around. It has to be able to move freely in order to switch poses easily while providing balance and support.

To make your elbow and knees comfortable, you may consider purchasing round knee pads. They are known to help reduce muscle pain, aches, and pains in the joints. If they are wide and long enough, you can move freely due to enough surface. You will be able to stretch your muscle and reduce the pressure on your joints. Because it will provide you to use elbows, tailbone, and shoulders. There is another type of knee pads available which are made of waterproof material. 

Additional Features

Depending on your needs, additional features will help you during practicing yoga feel comfort, balance, and stability when performing different yoga poses and asanas. For example, straps are one of the additional features. Some knee pads include straps that will help hold a specific pose. Color could be another feature you may want to give importance to. You may want to see the color you like when you practice yoga, kind of meditation.

Recommended Amazon Products

SukhaMat Yoga Pilates Exercise Knee Pad

It is very comfortable yoga knee pads that provide a high level of comfort. This mat is amazing, easy to transport, and allows you to keep and hold Yoga postures with comfort and ease. It is made of high-quality material.

The SukhaMat abs and exercise knee mat comforts and protects your knees, sit bone, wrists, and elbows. It has an extra-wide size design. Due to this characteristic, it helps to reduce knee pain. It can reduce wrist and elbow pain, as well. It is useful for abdominal rolls and other exercise routines in the gym. The knee pads will provide ample cushion that will alleviate pain on the pressure points and protects from abrasion caused by the hard surface of the floor and at the same time, it also helps maintain balance and stability. It is lightweight and hassle-free when handling it. It can easily fit a gym bag because it measures 3/4 inch in thickness.

It supports all your joints, the knees, elbows, and hips. They are just perfect with firmness for support on your spinal column as well as knees and elbows. It is very easy to clean, carry, and store. So, it is a very convenient yoga knee pad. Its portability makes it the perfect travel mat, as well. It can be used in order to extend yoga mats. It will be able to cushion the head while resting. It is available in different colors and it is made from biodegradable foam. It is water-resistant and can be cleaned by a damp cloth after each use. It relieves muscle and joint pain. It provides a stable and comfortable space in order to perform different yoga poses accordingly.

Heathyoga Yoga Knee Pad

It is one of the most preferred and recommended yoga knee pads that you can find on Amazon. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars. This is super comfortable. It is thick enough to protect your knee but not too big to make the postures uncomfortable. The back part is a different material, kind of sticky, so it prevents the pad from moving while you are using it. You can either put it on the mat or on the floor, it will not move at all. This is a good size to travel with as well.

It is perfectly suitable for Yoga, Pilates, or other ground-based exercise routines. It is designed by yogis for individuals who are doing yoga in order to provide comfort while maintaining balance and stability. There are different colors available to choose such as black, dark blue, pink, blue, and teal. It measures 26″x10″x12 mm.

Even for your hot yoga sessions, it is very suitable to use. Due to its comfort, support and water-resistance feature, it will be your best friend during yoga session. It is made from an eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and latex-free material. Thanks to the foam inside, it absorbs moisture and sweat easily and prevents slipping. After practicing yoga, you can easily wipe clean only with a damp cloth.

This knee pad includes a carrying strap for hassle-free convenient carrying. It does not absorb moisture or sweat and can be cleaned with water and dried by a towel. It can be used for other purposes such as gardening, household chores, camping, and giving baths to children using its non-slip surface that prevents sliding and slipping. It can be easily stored even under a car seat. It is also usable on different surfaces even in outdoor yoga sessions.

Yilo Warrior Engineered Foam Yoga Knee Pad

It is one of the yoga knee pads worth purchasing that you can find on Amazon. This knee pad provides enough thickness to prevent any injury. This product provides good cushion and support. It is not the same as the other knee pads on the market.

It is longer and narrower. Its dimension is 7.5″x 25.5″ and one inch in thickness. Due to its material which is a non-toxic and latex-free polymer. it has additional grip and support. It will provide enough support and coverage. It is not just for cushioning but it also reduces pressure on different pressure points in the body. It results in the individual practicing yoga in order to fully enjoy yoga sessions every time. It will not move when it comes in contact with hard floor surfaces or when placed on top of a yoga mat.

This knee pad has an extra length that provides comfort on the body and it relieves pressure from different pressure points of the body. It reduces pain in different joints. It offers more than enough comfort and support to your knees. It can be rolled on top of the yoga mat. It is usable in different surface areas even outdoors. It is lightweight. Easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to use.

The only problem with this knee pad is that it has a strong odor. It is advisable for people under 200 pounds only. Because it is not durable enough. It will not be able to withstand frequent and long use. It may be very thick to roll together with the yoga mat. You need to roll them up separately.

YogaRat RatPad Eco-Foam Yoga Knee Pad

It is highly recommended and preferred yoga knee pads that you can find on Amazon. You do not need to worry about your size because it works for any size body. It is made of sturdy foam. It is really in good quality. Thanks to its thickness level, it makes a good difference if you have sensitive knees because of yoga poses. The size that it is makes it easy to throw to the side and pull back when you need it.

This type of knee pads has an oval shape which allows versatility when performing different yoga poses. It offers way better cushion and support compared to other knee pads you can find on the market. It is available in different sleek and stylish colors such as pink, blue, black, purple, and green. It is made from eco-friendly foam. It works very well with yoga pad. It will help relieve pressure on your joints and muscles during different yoga poses. It has a unique feature that prevents the absorption of moisture which results in cool and comfortable yoga experience every time. It is designed to withstand long and frequent use. It will help an individual practicing yoga to concentrate on the yoga poses during yoga sessions. It also absorbs the entire weight of an individual and relieves the pressure from all pressure points. You will need to purchase two in order to use it and fully experience the benefits it gives. It can be easily cleaned with water and dried with a towel. It alleviates discomfort while doing the yoga routine.

Yoga Jellies

It is one of Amazon’s choices. They are a little bit expensive compared to other yoga knee pads that you can find on Amazon, however, these are truly worth the extra cost. Yoga Jellies have been a lifesaver. These feel like a super flexible and wobbly jelly disk. Thanks to its stickiness, it won’t slip or slide and it provides you a comfortable yoga hour. The only drawback to them is that they get a little slippery if your hands get sweaty. There are many stylish colors available such as amethyst, aquamarine, malachite, obsidian, sapphire, and tanzanite.

They are created, designed, and produced in the USA. It helps both of the knees cushioned during yoga sessions. It is flexible and lightweight. It measures 5.5 inches. The gel-like discs inside provide resistance. Thanks to this resistance, you can protect your knee from the pain and injury during practicing yoga. It acts as a great weight-bearing accessory for different parts of the body such as wrists, elbows, hands, knees, and hips. It can relieve pressure on the pressure points during difficult yoga poses.

It is eco-friendly. Its material is non-toxic and latex-free at the same time. Due to its material which is silicon-based, it provides everything you need during challenging yoga poses and even hot yoga sessions. It can be used for different exercises, Pilates, and even during physical therapy sessions. It has the proper amount of stickiness. It helps you to prevent slipping and sliding. Especially, when you sweat a lot, it helps you a lot.

SparkSong Yoga Knee Pad

It has a highly reasonable price. That’s why it is a highly preferred and recommended product. They provide you great support and cushion during yoga practices. The shape works well and adds to the comfort of use. They are lightweight and easy to take with you to classes. These pads are soft and comfortable but firm enough. There are different colors available such as purple, black, coral red, deep blue, green, light blue, pink, rose red, and sky blue.

Its thickness and softness support and pain relief for hands, head, elbows, feet, and hips. There are 2 packs include. These yoga knee mats are made of eco-friendly PU, which offer a heat-resistant and easy to clean. The high-density pad will not absorb moisture. It is extremely portable and perfect for travel. The high quality and softness pad provide comfort while maintaining yoga poses. It is also odorless and safe for your body.

Aiweitey Yoga Knee Pad

Good value. Good thickness. Good quality. It can be used for different types of classes. Great for keeping knees safe during a workout. They are not hugely thick but they are very well made and offer a great cushioning for your knees. It is definitely helpful. The only downside is that they do not move or slide easily, so you have to pick them up to move them. The cushion is soft but supportive and really helps with a bad knee. Easy to balance on because of the indentation part for your knee.

There are different colors available such as black, light blue, pink, twilight blue, baby pink, and midnight blue. It includes two knee pads and one travel pack. It is highly convenient to carry. Also, it is easy to clean and will not absorb moisture. Its high density and its thickness provide comfort while training balance and stability.

Empower Yoga Knee Pad

It is specifically designed for women. There is nothing to dislike about this product. It is all good. This little knee pad is the bomb. It makes a big difference when doing poses on the knees. It gives better support than folded blankets under the knee! There are two different colors available which are aqua and teal.

It is designed to protect the sensitive pressure points experienced during yoga or any exercise on the ground, where your regular mat just is not enough. It provides added support and stability to help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. They are great fitness tools that prevent any knee injuries and joint pain.

YogiMall Yoga Knee Pad Cushion, Yoga Block & Carry Bag Sets for Pain-Free Yoga

It is highly recommended and preferred. You can find it with a reasonable price on Amazon. It has 5 out of 5 stars. 3-in-1 Kit includes a knee pad, yoga block, and bag to protect your joints and improve your alignment. Carry bag is the right size, both knee pad and block easily fit in the carry bag. It is perfect for knee comfort when doing floor exercises in class as well as home.

A yoga block is a large size and it is great for creating space in different positions. This yoga block works well for all the sizes of body and all of the poses, no matter it is yoga or any other type of exercise. It is supportive but not uncomfortably hard. It is good for you and the planet! The yoga block and knee pad are completely free of harmful substances such as lead, latex, and heavy metals. The yoga block is made from closed cell EVA foam so it will not absorb sweat and stays bacteria-free. There are different colors available according to your preferences which are purple and white, blue, gray, and green. And the prices vary depends on the colors.

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